Mr. Arthur can be reached via e-mail at:
While Mr. Arthur cannot yet read, any kind messages are promptly read to him by a parent.

Arthur can also receive mail & parcels:
Mr. Arthur Peterson, P.O. Box 2336, Worcester, MA 01613

Please note, UPS and FedEx do not deliver to post office box addresses;
kindly use the United States Postal Service for any mail/parcels if at all possible.
If you *must* use UPS or FedEx, PLEASE contact Arthur's parents for shipping instructions.

Arthur's parents may be reached via telephone at:

PLEASE NOTE -- during nap times, the phone may be disconnected. If your call goes unaswered, please try again later.
For best results, please confine non-emergency phone calls to the the hours of 8:00 am - 7:00 pm EST.

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